Our Clinical Trials Team

Christine Di Marco
Christine Di MarcoCoordinator (Oncology)
Kelly Cruise
Kelly CruiseCoordinator (Non-Oncology)
Michele Harris
Michele HarrisStudy Nurse
Patricia MacIsaac
Patricia MacIsaacStudy Nurse
Sujata Pokhrel
Sujata PokhrelClinical Research Associate
Rachelle Beausoleil
Rachelle BeausoleilPharmacy Technician
Amarjit Suri
Amarjit SuriPharmacist

Principal Investigator:
Supervises all aspects of a clinical trial and provides oversight for all study-related activities.

Study nurse:
Assists the Principal Investigator with the informed consent process, study monitoring, quality assurance, data management, and analysis. Treats patients according to the clinical trial protocol.

Clinical Research Associate:
Works with the Principal Investigator and Study Nurse to identify what data will be collected. Processes study-related lab work and assists monitors and regulators to ensure all research activities are conducted as per the protocol.

Clinical Trials Coordinator:
Works with the Principal Investigator, sponsor, and study team to help conduct the trial.

Pharmacist and Pharmacy Technician:
Works with the Principal Investigator and study team to ensure accurate dispensing of all study-related medications.

Clinical Trials Clerk
Assists the study team with daily clerical and administrative activities.