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Research Compliance

The RVH Research Office provides support to the RVH research community to ensure all research activity complies with applicable government regulations, guidance documents, and funding agency guidelines. We help RVH employees, professional staff, and students navigate research requirements through education and quality improvement initiatives designed to facilitate research, improve efficiencies, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Conflicts of Interest in Research

Conflicts of interest may exist or arise during the conduct of research. While conflicts of interest do not imply wrong-doing, it is the responsibility of the investigator to declare all conflicts of interest (actual, apparent, perceived, or potential, financial or otherwise), that apply to any persons involved in the research study or any member of their immediate family. Conflicts of interest may occur when

Conflicts of interest are addressed in RVH Research Ethics Board (REB) application or may be disclosed at any time to the RVH REB at or the RVH Research Office at

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