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All investigator-led research studies that involve the collection of personal health information at the Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre (RVH) requires investigators to collect and manage this information using REDCap™ (Research Electronic Data Capture). This requirement does not apply to external investigators or industry-sponsored research, which may use their own data collection tools for the conduct of the study.

REDCap™ is a secure web application designed to support PHIPA-compliant data capture for research. The system supports secure auditing for tracking data manipulation and permits seamless exporting of de-identified data to commonly used statistics software (e.g., SPSS, stata). 


REDCap™ is hosted on secure servers located at RVH and is backed up in a manner similar to other patient data.  Access to the study data in REDCap™ will be restricted to the members of the study team using a username and password authentication system (a Gmail™ account is required).


If you are interested in using REDCap™ for your study, you can access REDCap™ directly and request access.

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