Our Clinical Trials Team

Christine Di Marco

Coordinator, Oncology

Patricia MacIsaac

Study Nurse

Kelly Cruise

Coordinator, Non-Oncology

Sujata Pokhrel

Clinical Research Associate

Melanie Crawford

Resource Nurse

Ian Ding

Clinical Research Associate

Michele Harris

Study Nurse

Amarjit Suri


Rachelle Beausoleil

Pharmacy Technician

Principal Investigator:
Supervises all aspects of a clinical trial and provides oversight for all study-related activities.

Clinical Trials Coordinator:

Works with the Principal Investigator, sponsor, and study team to help conduct the trial.

Resource Nurse

Promotes and maintains quality of patient care, manages nursing operations, assists in teaching nursing staff, and enforces policies and practices of the facility

Study Nurse:
Assists the Principal Investigator with the informed consent process, study monitoring, quality assurance, data management, and analysis. Treats patients according to the clinical trial protocol.

Clinical Research Associate:
Works with the Principal Investigator and Study Nurse to identify what data will be collected. Processes study-related lab work and assists monitors and regulators to ensure all research activities are conducted as per the protocol


Pharmacist and Pharmacy Technician:
Works with the Principal Investigator and study team to ensure accurate dispensing of all study-related medications.

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