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RVH Research Council


To accelerate teaching and research by advising on research strategy and infrastructure, and by providing research leadership through advocacy and mentorship


  • Promote and strengthen a culture of inquiry at the Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre (RVH) and with our community partners

  • Provide guidance in the development of RVH’s research vision and strategy

  • Assist in evaluating potential research structures

  • Review and approve research policies and procedures

  • Review potential research projects and ensures that they align with the organization’s mission, vision, and values

  • Identify opportunities for research collaboration and partnership

  • Develop and mentor new researchers

  • Provide a forum for employees, professional staff, and community partners to collaborate on research and innovation

  • Evaluate research proposals and advises on matters relating to the implementation and conduct of these projects

  • Monitor research activity and academic projects within the organization

  • Review and approve competition-based grants and awards


The RVH Research Council is comprised of employees, professional staff, and community members with a strong interest and/or background in applied health research and have complementary knowledge and skills:

  • Vice President, Academic and Medical Affairs (Chair)

  • Chief Research Scientist, Academic and Medical Affairs

  • Chief Executive Officer, RVH Foundation, or representative

  • Director, Academic and Medical Affairs

  • Director, Interprofessional Practice, or representative

  • Director, Decision Support Unit, or representative

  • Representative, Family Medicine Teaching Unit

  • Research Manager, Academic and Medical Affairs

  • Minimum of two (2) individuals comprising of employees and professional staff in different clinical areas

  • At least two (2) external partner members

  • One (1) patient representative

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