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How to Apply

New Submissions

All submissions to the Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre (RVH) Research Ethics Board (REB) must be typed and signed. Incomplete packages or applications submitted on outdated forms will be returned to the Principal Investigator for correction. All forms and templates can be found HERE.

A complete application package consists of the following documents:

  1. General Research Application OR Application for Medical Chart Review

  2. Research Impact Form

  3. Study Protocol

  4. Informed Consent Form, if applicable 

  5. Supporting Documentation, as applicable [e.g., detailed budget; surveys/questionnaires, scripts, interview guides, brochures, case report/data collection forms, assessment tools, recruiting advertisements, documentation from other REBs, Data Safety and Monitoring Board (DSMB) Charter]

  6. Ethics training certificates of study team (e.g., TCPS2, CITI-GCP)

  7. N2 Research Standard Operating Procedure Attestation Form (as applicable) 

  8. Curriculum Vitae of study team (signed and dated) 

  9. Investigator’s brochure or product monograph (for studies regulated by Health Canada)

  10. No Objection Letter (NOL), Investigational Testing Authorization (ITA) or Notice of Authorization (NOA) (for studies regulated by Health Canada)


To apply for RVH REB review, please submit a completed electronic copy of your completed application to the address below. Do not staple any sections of  your submission; use paper clips to keep copies together.

Dr. Jesse McLean

Centre for Education and Research
Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre
201 Georgian Drive
Barrie, Ontario, L4M 6M2

Phone: 705-728-9090 Ext. 41350


Please note, if your research requires transmission of data to any external organization, including academic or industry partners, or prescribed entities (e.g., Cancer Care Ontario, Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences), RVH will require the execution of a legal agreement among all involved parties. All contracts must be reviewed by the RVH Research Office prior to REB submission. If you are an RVH employee or affiliated professional staff member who has received or requires an agreement  to conduct research, please contact the RVH Research Office at (705) 728-9090 Ext. 41350 or

Continuing Review:

All submissions for continuing review (e.g., amendments, renewals, terminations, reportable events) should be submitted directly to the RVH REB at the address above.

Please complete the Amendments, Notifications, and Ongoing Communication Form for protocol amendments. Please include ‘tracked change’ versions of any revised study documentation in your submission. Please include a new date/version number in the footer of each revised document. Incomplete submissions will be returned to the Principal Investigator for correction.

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