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  • Jesse McLean

Alectra Fund for Health and Social Innovation launched with the RVH Foundation

Barrie, ON – Alectra Inc., together with the Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre (RVH) Foundation, have established the ‘Alectra Fund for Health and Social Innovation’ to improve the health outcomes for people who are facing barriers across our community.

Through the ‘Alectra Fund for Health & Social Innovation’, Alectra is providing $500,000 – over five years – to sponsor several studies through the RVH Research Institute that focus on the interaction between health and social issues.

The studies will focus on the interplay between vulnerable people and social issues like homelessness, mental health, addiction, and isolation, to guide RVH and community partners in improving care, services and programs focused on these populations.

Alectra’s fund will initially support research in two areas. One study is designed to support seniors in being directly involved in developing their goals of care for treatment. The second study will address evaluating the impact of wraparound health services for young people facing barriers to employment.

“Improving the quality of care in our communities is a central to Alectra’s sustainability goals,” said Brian Bentz, President and CEO, Alectra Inc. “We’re happy to support the RVH Research Institute as they partner with local social services to find research-based solutions to improve the health outcomes of our most vulnerable community members.”

“Alectra’s trailblazing gift speaks to the critical role our community plays in driving innovation in health care,” says Pamela Ross, CEO, RVH Foundation. “Investments like Alectra’s is an investment in moving the needle on care advancements, knowledge building and shaping the kind of health care our community needs.”

The AlectraCARES Community Support Program promotes community well-being by funding charities and non-profits. To learn more about how Alectra puts people first, visit

Pictured: Blair Peperdy, Vice President, Government & Corporate Relations, Alectra

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